Show History

The History of The Marion Horse Show…

Welcome to the Marion 4th of July Horse Show for 2018. Year #71!

The Marion 4th of July Horse Show was founded in 1947 by Charles R. Washburn as a fund raiser for local youth groups. The towns of Marion, Mattapoisett, and Rochester, known as “The Tri-Towns”, pooled resources for their 4th of July festivities and parade. Tucked away down a peaceful lane at the the end of the parade route, the show rings at the Washburn Memorial Park come alive each year to host the Marion 4th of July Horse Show.

The main ring, The Arne Arena, was built into the hillside and surrounded by a natural stone wall which offers a spectacular view to the spectators of the annual horse show; and wonderful opportunities for young and old exhibitors alike to show off for friends and family!

For over 70 years, many farms and local families have made the Marion 4th of July Horse Show their 4th of July tradition.

This year, pack a picnic basket or enjoy some fine food at the food booth which is run by Robert Wing R.W. Catering. (Get your Lobster roll!).   Load up the trailer and make it your tradition as well!

The Marion Horse Show Committee!